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Se7en Tidbits: “80 is the new 10” or “Apparantly, Cricket Bat =/= Shotguns”

Here are a few tidbits that caught my attention for one reason or another this week:

  • “Only 0.13% of [World of Warcraft players] actually beat the hardest content in the game. The other 99.87% are complaining that WoW is too easy, without having been able to beat it themselves.” – Tobold, Wipe/gear quota, Tobold’s MMORPG Blog
  • “You have the choice of a signature shotgun, a sawed-off shotgun or a cricket bat.  Hmm, one of these is not like the others.” – Werit, Days of the Dead, Werit’s Blog
  • “First off, we need to discuss conversion factors. Cryptic is following the Microsoft model by making one dollar worth 80 points. The hilarious thing is that they also followed the Microsoft model by pricing just about everything in multiples of 80. Do that many people (especially MMO players) really have trouble doing that kind of math in their head? I don’t get the point.” – Marty, Random Shots: The Cryptic Store, Untangled, Bullet Points
  • “If you bought Aion, you are telling NCSoft and the genre as a whole ‘more of the same please’. Paying the $50-65 up front, and any months after, and you more or less give up your right to complain that the genre is boring, that no one is trying new things, and that too many games are just shallow time-sinks that apply a fresh coat of paint to the same themepark and rides.” – Syncaine, What buying Aion says about you, Hardcore Casual

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