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“She got no Class!” or “Tørnquist is a Funny Name!”

she-got-no-class-or-tørnquist-is-a-funny-name2One of the upcoming MMOs that I am very excited about is The Secret World. It’s not fantasy, it isn’t set in space, you don’t get to be a superhero, and the world hasn’t destroyed itself by firing a couple dozen nukes up its own ass.

The Secret World is set in our present time, in the real world. The twist? Ancient prophecies are coming true and all manners of beasts and monsters that are the stuff of children’s nightmares are coming to life in alarming numbers. And it is up to a few individuals, ordinary human beings initially, to save the world. Players then assume the role of developing supernatural heroes who fight the textbook battle against the rising evil. It is being developed by Funcom, developers of the popular Age of Conan.

If you have not heard of the game at all, I would recommend you watch the following two trailers first. And perhaps read up a little on the game.

You can play as one of three factions, The Illuminati, The Dragons or the Templars. The game incorporates pieces of ancient mythologies, real and false history, urban legends, and pop culture, and ties them into an original back-story.

“We have three playable factions: The Templars, who are based in London and who are on a crusade against evil. They don’t let anything stand in their way, and they’re willing to raze a city to the ground if it means defeating the evil within. Then there are the Illuminati, based in New York, and these guys are more interested in gaining occult power and wealth. They’re more secretive and prefer working behind the scenes to control the world. Of course, they’re also fighting evil, but their motivations are different from their mortal enemies, the Templars. Finally, the Dragon is the joker in this deck of cards. They’re based in Seoul and appear quite innocuous on the surface, but they like playing the other guys up against each other, and they believe in creating chaos in order to achieve balance.”
Ragnar Tørnquist, Producer and Director, The Secret World

she-got-no-class-or-tørnquist-is-a-funny-name1Universal Gaming Database’s Evoker recently had an interview with Ragnar Tørnquist, the producer and director of The Secret World. While Tørnquist was careful not to divulge any significant information, he did elaborate that the game will not have any classes or levels. Additionally, you don’t have to grind to get through the game, but you can if you so choose. Tørnquist insists that you get to create your own experience, but doesn’t conclusively say how.

“You’re going to have fun! Our goal is to make sure that players can sit down and play this game and enjoy themselves from the very beginning. You don’t start out fighting rats with a rusty sword. You get cool firearms, black magic, occult weapons from the outset – and you’re fighting demons and the undead, not wild boar or petty criminals.”
Ragnar Tørnquist, Producer and Director, The Secret World

You can find the full interview here.

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