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Se7en Tidbits: “Cross-platform Segregation” or “Hit Capped for Healing”

Here are a few tidbits that caught my attention for one reason or another this week:

  • “It’ll be interesting to see, once MMOs start appearing on consoles (if any ever do), if there’ll be continued segregation, or one, happy, cross-platform family.” – Zoso, An Appeal, Killed in a Smiling Accident.
  • “I guess in their purest form, microtransactions are about freeing the player from subscription fees whilst still enabling the developer to earn a fair reward. They should be additional extras, non-essential, that are a bit of fluff, flexibility or enjoyment to the game without effecting the balance of those who choose not to indulge in them.” – Gordon, Microtransactions Can’t Be Trusted, We Fly Spitfires.
  • “MMOs currently lack depth. The problems that a player must face when he sits down to play are severely limited in difficulty. Modern MMOs are mostly built to tickle players with rewards and those rewards are their primary motivation for continued play. If game systems had enough depth to rival the reward addiction, MMOs would be able to get over the Kosterian Curve of rapid adoption followed by devastating desertion.” – Evizaer, On Balance, Part 1: Strategy and Depth, That’s a Terrible Idea.
  • “The rule of thumb is that whenever someone utters those words [“It’s Easy”] and then doesn’t personally go do the thing he or she was talking about, it often means that person is full of crap.” – Psychochild, “It’s easy”, Psychochild’s Blog.
  • “I do like WAR’s crafting philosophy of making stuff you can use.  Aion’s crafting is the definition of grind, but it is much more broad than WAR.  I would love to see WAR keep their philosophy but expand the system.” – Werit, What WAR can learn from Aion, Werit’s Blog.
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