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“Bad Day to be an Alganonian” or “Tackling the Tough”

This isn’t a good week to be associated with Alganon, developed by Quest Online. After some tough love from the blogger community and some hard-hitting feedback, president and co-founder of Quest Online, David Allen, delayed launch by a month to work out some of the kinks, and decided to give Massively an interview.

Maybe the game is cursed because even the folks over at Massively came under fire for throwing what readers of the blog describe as ‘curve balls’ at Mr. Allen. You can read the full interview here.


The following are some interesting, albeit harsh and painfully blunt comments from readers on the interview and about Alganon in general. I tried to include some positive or neutral comments, but they were… hard to come by.

“Wait… what the hell kind of interview was this? Hi, you mind if we fluff up your really terrible game and make it seem like it’s okay? You didn’t ask why the UI was an exact copy of the WoW UI, including the achievement pane which Alganon doesn’t even use? Or why the Families System is nothing more than an extra chat channel? Or what his actual reasoning was for offering pre-orders for the game under the NDA only to take that money and push the beta back a month? Or even how a company with limited resources plans to push out an expansion once every 6 months?”
– Darzin

“Stop throwing easy balls at devs. Give them some hard questions, the ones we really want answers to.”
– Clockwork

“I pre-ordered this game because I thought it looked really neat, the process to set up my subscription was really painful and required actually getting in contact with their head customer support person. From there I downloaded the game, went through the patching process, rolled a Mage and I found out in the first 5 minutes that this game was complete and utter crap.”
– Phil

“This game is basically a subpar, clunky, ugly WoW clone with none of the polish or charm. I’m amazed that they haven’t been sued by Blizzard; maybe it’s *just* different enough to avoid a lawsuit.”
– Iggy

“I remember reading on the forums that one of the continents used to be called “Asheroth”, and when called out on it, David Allen defended it by saying that he had the idea for Asheroth before WoW came out, nevermind the fact that, as far as I can remember, Warcraft’s world has been called Azeroth since the beginning, almost 20 years ago”
– Iggy

“Blatant rip off is blatant.”
– breezer

“I really will never understand why people take so much time out to bash a game. I have not played this game or WoW for that matter but the game has not even come out and its all doom and gloom. Sad place we are in, sad.”
– Itoao

“I still cant believe why this awesome site, is covering such a subpar blatant ripoff of WoW, and not even asking hard questions.”
– Wonderwyrm

“It’s their job to be diplomatic, even though it’s probably as obvious to them (the Massively journos) what the problems are there. A little diplomacy and *choke* politeness *choke* allows them to keep covering the game into its future, whether that coverage is more probing or not, or whether that future is as short as we all suspect it to be or not. Leave the vitriolic anger to us. Which we do so well.”
– Neurotic

“I must say that after beta testing this game it needs months and months of more fine tuning.”
– Raven7680

“It’s hard for me to say a game sucks… but this game is absolutely NOT worth paying a subscription for.”
– Rawry

Massively is a solid website, and has been my favorite source for MMO news for some time. So it was no surprise when they took the readers’ comments to heart, approached Quest Online with a new plan, and announced that they would ask David Allen the hard hitting questions.. asked by the readers themselves.

robot spider

You can find the details of this upcoming interview here. If you’d like to ask a question (I believe the limit is one question per person), send an email to shawn AT massively DOT com by Friday, Nov. 6, by 8 am East Coast time with the subject line “Alganon questions.”

Let’s see Mr. Allen dodge this (hail of) bullet(s). 🙂

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  1. November 5, 2009 at 3:31 am

    A game that is such a blatant ripoff deserves the criticism honestly.

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