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Se7en Tidbits: “I Miss Lloyd” or “Unrealistic Expectations”

November 13, 2009 3 comments

Here are a few tidbits that caught my attention for one reason or another this week:

  • “Games, though, tend to be very bad at generating the feeling of loss in players.  I can only think of one game that made me feel like I, the player, had lost something… in Planetfall, the delightful robot companion Floyd sacrifices himself to help the player.  It’s been years now since I played Planetfall but I still remember how devastated I was when that happened.” Fool’s Age, Emotions in Games, part 2: Sorrow, Fool’s Age. [Bronte: I can think of one recent example: SPOILER WARNING –> in Dragon Age, when Duncan dies in the battle at Ostagar <– SPOILER WARNING. That was quite a profound sense of loss, even though I haven’t read the prequel books.]
  • If MMO really is a genre by itself, then the barriers that define games are going to start dropping and we’ll be seeing vast varieties of them going massive, multiplayer and online.” – Gordon, What is “MMO”, We Fly Spitfires.
  • “Every developer has to build a game that will compete with that number, even as they tell us in interviews that they are most assuredly not trying to be the next WoW Killer. And the reason they have to do that is because of us. We expect too much from our Triple-A MMOs.” – Anjin, Random Shots: Asking Too Much, Bullet Points.
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“Matchlight Inferno” or “Dante Cried Wolf”

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