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“Crime Capered” or “Cryptic Steps it up”

November 16, 2009 1 comment

With a new launch at work, I have been working endless hours lately. Given my unhealthy addiction to Dragon Age, I am barely finding time to write.

But this piece of news caught my eye as I read up on the gaming world over the weekend. Cryptic, the studio that has been on my hit list for some time, took steps last week to build a better sense of community with their player base. Champedia was launched, an online database that details every power, character, mission super-group etc.

Some aspects are quite useful, such as the super-group (read guild) management interface that even allows you to change the message of the day from the browser, among other things. The character search is also quite detailed, although I don’t like that everyone can see my inventory and virtually every other stat, even without logging in to the website. The mission search is rather simplistic, and just offers the quest text for the mission.

It’s a step in the right direction, especially if they enrich it with additional features in the future. Despite all my whining, I still have high hopes for Champions Online. Let’s see what the studio pulls off with their next content patch.

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