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“Champion Roper” or “The Art of Being Vague”

Bill Roper recently gave an interview to Jeux Online. It’s a good read, and you can find the full transcript here.

Some things stood out to me.

First, I understand that as a journalist, you have to be diplomatic about what you ask and say, partly to ensure you have a snowball’s chance in hell of being given the same opportunity twice, and partly to maintain a civil, unbiased tone. However, this does not imply that you cannot ask the hard-hitting questions or ask questions phrased in a manner to soften the blow or even detract from the truth of the matter at hand.

On to the interview and Roper’s answers. I appreciated the fact that Roper was candid about the state of the game. Some highlights:

  • “[At launch we] definitely could have been much better balanced, especially in terms of overall difficulty curve and resource(in-game currency) allocation on day one.”
  • “…retcon pricing was very out of line early on.”
  • “The crafting system definitely needs a lot of attention, as does the auction house.”
  • (Not a direct quote) There was also a recognition of leveling gaps and a lack of content for the endgame players.

From the sounds of it, Roper is at least well aware of the issues Champions Online faces at the moment, which is a refreshing and encouraging thought. However, the vagueness of the following statements left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • “We definitely want to keep adding content into the game, both within the current leveling curve and also at the end game.”
  • “We’re working on different game systems right now that will allow players to do a lot of different things over the course of their hero’s career.”
  • “[New instances are] one of the many things we’re looking at doing.”
  • “I don’t want to go into TOO much detail on unimplemented systems, but the best way to put it is that we’re focused on creating extensible game systems as opposed to only making new missions.”
  • “Our goal moving forward is to combine the creation of new content with game play systems that together create many more options and hours of game play than we could achieve by making new instances or zones.”
  • “Moving forward we’re going to continue to create scenario-based PvP maps as these seem to go over the best with our players.”
  • “We’ll be making a pass through [the crafting system and the auction house system] at some point, but the sheer complexity of what’s there, combined with the work that is already on our “Master of all things Upgrades” is daunting.”
  • “The game is just getting better and better, and that’s our focus moving forward.”

There were a few cool announcements as well. Nemesis: Confrontation definitely sounds like a lot of fun. I posted earlier today about Cryptic upcoming secret feature next week. I am 99% sure this is it. Part of the reason this new feature is so exciting for me is because the Nemesis system is sheer brilliance, and one of the most innovative elements of Champions Online. An improvement on the system can only mean a good thing.

  • On the UNITY/Nemesis Crossover: “It’ called Nemesis: Confrontation. 5 heroes. 5 Nemesis. An epic villain of Legendary proportions bringing them all together in a distant locale. This is a repeatable Lair that has all-new rewards and threats. We’ve been spending a lot of time on it to make sure it’s challenging and fun for our level 40 heroes.”

Finally, they are also working on the next tiers of powers, the restriction being the next tier may reward specializing in one power tree. I am not sure if this is a positive step or a major blunder:

  • “We are already working early designs for Tier 4 powers for exactly that reason – to give players a real reward and goal to push for.”

So there ya have it! Some cool new upcoming things, an admittance of flaws, and a whole lot of vague!

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  1. theerivs
    November 18, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Sir you win with your POM/PYRO reference. God I miss those days.

  1. August 10, 2011 at 9:48 pm

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