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“Inheritence” or “Jumping is Overrated”

Werit had a nice post up yesterday about how the production values for Dragon Age can be seen applied to SWTOR.

But I wonder if all the irritating things will apply as well. A short list:

  • You are a Jedi, or a Sith, but despite a being able to crush your opponents with a thought, you haven’t ever figured out how to jump.
  • Or swim. In fact, you are hydrophobic. You hate water to the point that you can’t even so much as walk in water, let alone swim.
  • Although you are a badass in the universe, and boast a complete mastery of the force, you can queue up only one attack at a time; multiple attacks cannot be queued. It hurts your brain to do that.
  • Despite an “advanced combat tactics engine”, at times you will enjoy standing around, admiring the scenery, while your friends repeatedly plant their faces into oncoming fists. You know, for fun.

This is one of those few times I sincerely hope I am wrong. BioWare has crafted a masterpiece, but there are some minor nuances that make some aspects aggravating.

Maybe the folks at BioWare exude their own lethargy into the lack of athletic activities in their games? What is the average BMI at BioWare anyway?

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