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“Random Question” or “Champions Offline?”

Just a random question: is anyone still playing Champions Online?

What is it like these days? Better worse? More of the same (which really falls into the ‘worse’ category)? I have read about the kitchen sink patch and the woes surrounding the initial decision to charge for the expansion. But what about player’s perspective?

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  1. March 5, 2010 at 1:46 am

    Still playing. I would say better, in general. The kitchen sink patch has been mostly scrubbed, I haven’t had any of the weird camera issues for a little while now. Their re-dedication to communicating with the players been well received and seems to be doing a good job of righting things.

    I’m playing in the 36-37 range right now and haven’t seen any content gaps (at least for a first play-through). I actually have a full mission log of even-level missions at the moment.

    Single best thing: they added an overlay on the hit-point bar for the personal force field, so I can now actually see what that power is doing.

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