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“Wakey Wakey!” or “$40”

Dragon Age: Origins, for all its monotony in combat at the later stages, was a phenomenal game. It took me well over 106 hours and some change to finish the story arc, my inherent completionist nature partially responsible for length of time I invested in the game. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the evolving story, the intense combat, and lore this epic saga had to offer.

That cost $50.

Dragon Age: Awakening costs $40.

Will Awakenings give me a proportionate 80+ hours of satisfying playtime? Something tells me that won’t be the case.

BioWare just released another mini-trailer for a new type of Darkspawn in the game, called Disciples. Along with the previously revealed Children, as well as several enemies still unlocked, it makes you wonder where these Darkspawn were during the initial campaign. Surely the Archdemon could have used the help, considering he got thrashed by a petite city elf girl! Um, that was my sister’s character. Moving on.

The trailer is linked below. Dragon Age: Awakening will be available March 16. Although I wouldn’t count on that, given the fate of the last DLC, Return to Ostagar.

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