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“MMO Revenues Around the World” or “They Call it World of Warcrack For a Reason”

March 11, 2010 2 comments

The images speak for themselves. I got this information from Develop Online, via Joystiq.

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“Alganon Woes” or “Leadership Shuffle”

March 11, 2010 3 comments

You know an MMO has trouble when controversial news about the title and the drama in its forums are a lot more entertaining than the content itself.

David Allen has bailed the flaming wagon that refuses to stop for a reality check, and keeps on rolling down that hill into a cesspool of oblivion and destruction (or, the artist former known as Alganon)!

The game recently switched to a F2P model, immediately following a statement from Mr. Allen categorically claiming the game will never, under any circumstances, switch to an F2P model. I am assuming that caused some level of conflict between the president and the management in general.

The new guy in charge is Derek Smart. If that sounds familiar, its because Mr. Smart is notorious for his innate ability to take any critique to his work, and his unsatisfiable need to, in his own words, piss people of for no good reason because he is having a good day and wants to start trouble. You go girl!

Stay tuned for more coverage from the [/sarcasm on] greatest MMO launch of all time [/sarcasm off], as the truth, which is most assuredly stranger than fiction, continues to unravel.

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