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“Steve Ansell is my Long Lost Twin” or “Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself”

Via Steve Ansell, commenter on Kotaku, regarding the news that SW:TOR is their biggest project in development ever.

I won’t lie: I am incredibly psyched for this game, more so than any other game I can recall. Everything about it is just “right” on so many levels so far.

• It’s got Bioware, which is a big plus. • Bioware is pushing the story element, so the game shouldn’t bore people with only repetitive “kill 10 rats” quests.
• It’s on no tight release schedule and has been in development for a long time.
• It’s got a big distributer behind it which isn’t Activision.
• It’s approaching the Star Wars universe in a serious, methodical way.
• It was use Bioware’s method of making decisions to affect your character’s story and development, which works perfectly with light/dark sides of the force.
• Bioware isn’t Cryptic. I can’t stress this enough.
• It’s Star Wars people! Violet lightsabres and the force!
• Did I mention it’s not being developed by Cryptic?

I just hope I get chosen for the beta. I signed up my hopeful entry many many months ago.

So do I Steve, so do I!

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