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“Tornquist’s Teasers” or “Witcher Harder”

I came across two videos that I was quite excited about.

The Secret World

I have been anxiously gobbling up any pieces of information offered by Ragnar Tornquist over at Funcom, developers of Age of Conan, about their upcoming MMO, The Secret World. Two teaser trailers have been released in the last two years, short CGI flicks that show ordinary-citizens-turned-heroes battling terrifying monstrosities and abominations. We also saw a website about Kingsmouth, a fictional town in The Secret World‘s universe, that featured, surprise surprise, a teaser for the Zombie infestation that has ravaged through the town’s population.

Now there is a new teaser (sigh), a short 40 second video (32 seconds if you don’t count the compulsory logo at the start – yes I am that obsessive!) shows actual in-game footage of a gruff-looking cowboy with an ominous sounding statement: “I thought I had the measure of the darkness of this world. I was wrong.” Are people like you ever right about these things? The short video also teases the viewer with March 25th, a day when secrets will be revealed. I’m hoping those secrets aren’t more teasers. I just might burn down Funcom Studios.

The Witcher 2

The second video is a bitching new trailer for Polish-based CD Projekt‘s 2007 smash hit, The Witcher. You know what the trailer for the second game is blissfully devoid of? Teasers! Yeah, take notes Tornquist, ya wanker!

The original game won over 100 game of the year awards, a feat that is made all the more impressive by the fact that it was CD Projekt‘s debut project. The trailer features some vicious combat, some fantastic graphics, and pixelated pre-coital bathing.

No, I am not kidding. Enjoy!

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