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“Se7en Most Annoying Individuals in MMORPGs” or “Been There, Done That”

RetroHive had a really cool list of some of the most annoying types of people you can come across playing an MMORPG, and I have to admit, I can’t much disagree.

  • “G2G My mom needs to check her email…” child: Most definitely. In fact I have come across a few too many of these individuals. There even was a time when I had to fend off an angry mother for being an ‘unnatural influence’ on her innocent, pre-pubescent son.
  • The Beggar: Anyone even remotely exposed to WoW is all too familiar with this guy. The Law of IronForge Begging states that the amount of trade windows that open asking you to give “lil’ goldz plz kthxbai” is directly proportional to the amount of shiny stuff you don.
  • Guild “Looter”: Gotta love this douchebag. These guys join your guild with the promise of seeing you through thick and thin. They then get attuned to some particularly difficult instance, or they receive a plethora of loot to upgrade their gear and then leave for a higher-end guild because that is what it would have taken to get in. There is a special place in hell reserved for people like these. Not only do they disrupt you guild, they also take away valued manpower, severely hampering your progression.
  • The Girl: *sigh*. Not a word out of you. You know who you are.
  • The Alt Looter: If I had a penny for every time I had an aneurysm because a guild-mate logged onto an alt, forcing you to wait before that boss encounter, just so that his alt could get the Ceremonial Dagger of E-Peem, I would have well over 10 bucks.
  • The Know it All: No comment, I think I fall quite squarely into this category! Ahem. Moving on! Nothing to see here!
  • Wife Aggro: This is the one that irked me the most. Man what are you 12? Can’t you work out some sort of deal with your own wife? If it is causing that much trouble in your marital life, then quit the game, no game is worth that drama! But please, don’t for the love of God, scream “Wide aggro, gotta go!” in the middle of vent during the Sapphiron encounter… when you are the fucking tank!

Anyone else got any particularly annoying archetypes?

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