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“Crysis 2 Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple” or “Could We Get Some Butter With Those Buns?”

Via Kotaku, here is a pretty decent shaky-cam footage of the premiere CGI trailer for Crysis 2, which, unless you are a shooter fan who has lived under a rock most of the last two years, is set in New York City. Crytek had tweeted about this yesterday, I guess this is what they had in mind. However, the website, S.O.S. New York, still has a clock ticking down to zero. At the time of writing this article, 2 days and 11 hours were left in the timer.

Times Square. Alien Invasion. Post-apocalyptic setting. A suit that makes your ass stick out more prominently than an albino at the space launch.

What more could one possibly want?

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  1. Milamber
    April 8, 2010 at 1:16 am

    Crysis was the most beautiful looking game at it’s time. In my opinion, that was it. It was one of the most bland shooters/plot/etc. that I have every played. I was extremely disappointed as I bought a brand new computer just so I could play it.

    So, at this point, I’m skeptical. If they really allow full exploration of New York, building and all, and change some of the blandness of it, I might consider it. If not, I won’t be too sad to miss it. Also, if it wants to be bought, it better have a decent multiplayer…the first one sucked.

    Last but not least, that trailer was kind of creepy/hit too close to home with 9/11 and sucked since all it showed was some photos and Nomad’s ass. Even for a teaser, we should have seen since of those 1-sec flashing clips of Nomad shooting aliens.

  2. April 8, 2010 at 3:21 am

    Crysis was a mediocre shooter, but the strength was most certainly the unrivaled graphics, as well as the suit power system. I loved being able to clock-snipe a few enemies before jumping into the thick of the battle.

    It also had some really memorable moments, such as the mountain with the spaceship crumbling or the last battle aboard the ship.

    The teaser was admittedly somber, but it also conveys a feel for what we should come to expect from it. I don’t think the player will come across many ‘human’ enemies in the second iteration.

    Oh and sorry to burst your bubble, but Crytek already said it is not a Obllvion-esque open exploration game. You will visit many locations in New York, but they will be quite linear and heavily scripted. Much like MW2, which, despite the linear nature, was a fantastic narrative.

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