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“Crysis 2 Wallpapers” or “Maximum Screenshots”

April 14, 2010 2 comments

EDIT: Newer screenshots here and here.

There is a good chance you will need a souped-up high-end PC just to view these wallpapers from the upcoming sequel Crysis. I enjoyed the first game, though I have remarked in the past about how I have had certain reservations about the repetitive nature of the missions and the general feeling of a hollow lot past the visually stunning experience.

Click for 1920x1065 Hi-Res Image

Whether you played the first game or not, you have to admit, the sequel’s in-game screenshots look breathtakingly gorgeous and meticulously detailed.

Click for 1920x1065 Hi-Res Image

Explosions. Aliens. A suit that allows you to perpetually clench your butt muscles. I’m sold!

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“A Pug for your PuGs” or “Tokens of Appreciation”

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Having recently logged back into WoW, I have already commented on how much I enjoy the Dungeon Finder Tool. Yesterday, I received an in-game mail from Blizzard, and included in the mail was a cute little companion, a little brown pug. The note attached said they appreciated me making good use of the dungeon finding tool, and hopes that I had imparted some wisdom to some of the rookies I may have come across. Much appreciated Blue!

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“Preventing Desensitization Through Sensitization” or “GTA Continues to Drive Video Game Violence Dialogue”

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Why is it that every time you hear about violence in the context of video games, Grand Theft Auto manages to rear its head without fail. It is almost as if the internet gods have eternally linked the GTA franchise with the concept of violence as a result of video games.

The Guardian, which has suddenly become my top source for all manner of bizarre video game related news, reports that primary school children between the ages of nine and eleven are being shown images of a violent persuasion from the Grand Theft Auto series, in an effort to prevent them from turning violent. The objective is to prevent the prevent desensitization from violence.

The children have to categorize images into “good real life”, “bad real life” and “not real” categories. The goal here is to provide a disconnect from the violence they witness on TV and in video games and categorize them as detached from reality. Seems like an interesting concept, until you realize that these kids are being kept from getting desensitized by sensitizing them to images of violence, which, one might argue, is a tad counter-intuitive.

Love it or hate it, Grand Theft Auto inevitably continues to shape the dialogue around violence and freedom of expression in (R-rated) video games.

“Patient Paladins Patience Paid Off” or “Wryxian’s Early Christmas Present”

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Click for Blessing of Salvation.

Having played a Paladin for six years, I was a little disappointed when Blizzard first announced its class changes schedule and Paladins were reserved for dead last, several days after all the other classes and their proposed changes were revealed. Blizzard’s Wryxian just posted that Blizzard is ready to reveal the class changes a full two days in advance. Today we will find out about the changes coming in the Paladin class!

A more detailed report will follow as soon as we get an idea of what is expected in Cataclysm!

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