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“APB Developers Expect M Rating” or “Captain Obvious in the Hizzouse!”

APB is one of the three MMO’s I am quite excited about. The other two are The Secret World and everyone’s poster child for ‘the MMO that will beat World of Warcraft‘, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

APB recently also relaunched its website as it gathers momentum for the big launch, expected later this year. Developer Realtime Worlds fully expects an ‘M rating‘ for the title, a cause for joy for anyone who abhors the sensitization of the video game medium for fear of inciting violence amongst youth. Rest assured that the developer sails in the same boat as us, and not only expects, but wants an M rating for the cops-vs-robbers simulator.

And thank god for that. Imagine how lame that title could have turned out to be if all the gratuitous violence had been toned down to please this guy (pictured right).

In his defense, I do love me a PrayStation!

  1. Milamber
    April 18, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Yea I’m pumped for this too. I remember years ago my friend and I brainstormed an online version of GTA and this is pretty much what it will be.

    What side are you looking to do? I was thinking it might be fun to play cops who just don’t give a fuck and wreck shit.

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