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“What Will YOU Play When You are a 100 Years Old?” or “In Honor of AnjinMarty: Some Bullet Points”

April 23, 2010 1 comment

Stephen Totilo has a cool little article on Kotaku about what games he would play when he would be 100 years old.

The original article that prompted Totilo to write this little piece was in the Christian Science Monitor. Of course, having read both articles, it got me thinking, what will I play when I am a centenarian? Since by that time, I will likely (hopefully) have (great?) grandchildren, what games would I encourage them to play?

As for myself, when I turn 100 years old in 2081:

  • I am sure Final Fantasy MCMXVII will be out by then.
  • As well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Future Warrior: Space Marine 4 – Captain Price: Resurrection.
  • Blizzard will finally introduce a new IP after the ‘next-gen’ MMO they are currently working on.
  • Actually, considering the amount of time they take with each game, that new MMO may actually just be in beta.
  • World of Warcraft will get its 38th expansion (that is one every two years, if the pattern holds) and 1.1 billion people will be playing it.
  • Farmville would have died out 71 years prior (see what I did there?).
  • And the ghost of Peter Molyneux will still be teasing us with ‘innovative’ new ideas that fall remarkably short of the definition of the word.

In all seriousness, I would like to:

  • Play, much like Totilo, Half-Life: Episode Three. I doubt it will happen, but one can dream.
  • I’d like to be play some MMO that managed to rise above and beyond the grind-fests of today, and built a realistic sense of your impact on the game world.
  • And at some point, I would like to get a game tie-in to a movie that actually managed to remotely pique my curiosity.
  • Most importantly, I would hope that politicians in general, especially Australians, would not have had their way, and video games would continue to expand and thrive as the definitive entertainment medium.

As for what will I tell my grandchildren to play? I feel that I would not be able to dictate what they should play from ‘the golden age of gaming.’ If that seems odd, imagine your father telling you that you need to give Tetris, or Pong or Frogger a shot. You would probably laugh, partially because you live in an age where the line that divides reality from video games is increasingly blurred via high-end graphics, voice-acting, scripting and epic storyline, but also because, come on, you wouldn’t take gaming advice from the same father who sent you an email asking you how he could check his email!

One of my favorite comedians, Nick Swardson does a bit about explaining all the retro games that he used to play as a kid, such as Pac Man, to his grandchildren in the future. I am including the YouTube video below, it’s only 2 minutes long and you really need to start listening in around 0:48 for the retro section. My favorite line is:

“Well when I was your age, we had a game with a yellow circle! And it ate dots and fruit. And then it would be chased by ghosts! Oh my! Ooooooh!”

With motion controlled game a reality through the Nintendo Wii, the upcoming Natal technology from Microsoft and the contender-for-the-most-original-device-name-like-ever, Move from Sony, I wonder how drastically the future of gaming will change. The example from Swardson is funny as hell, but it is true in its own right. 20 years ago, Pac Man was all the rage, an innovative game you could play at arcades for hours on end. Now we have photo-realistic, voice-acted, dripping-with-realism video games like Heavy Rain with scripts longer than the biggest trilogies put together.

  • I wonder if our children will laugh at us for playing Mass Effect 2, or World of Warcraft, or even Crysis 2.
  • I wonder if our future generations will simply not understand the concept of experiencing entertainment through the sense of sight and sound alone, for they will play video games so advanced, they will be able to touch, smell and taste the virtual worlds that occupy their gaming hours.
  • I wonder if, at the end of the day, we are merely Pac Man players of tomorrow’s generations.

Fellow bloggers and readers, what would you like to be playing when you are a centenarian, and what would you tell your grandchildren to play?

EDIT: Who is anjinmarty? He is a bullet pointer. You should read his stuff.

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