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“Tavern of Time” or “Alexton Chrome”

I enjoy world events. Noblegarde, Hallow’s End, Children’s Week, you name it and I am there to participate in the festivities!

These days, Children’s Week is the flavor of the world events. As an Alliance character, you go to one of the Matrons in Stormwind, Shattrath City or Dalaran, and receive a whistle that calls an orphan. It is then your job to take this orphan sight-seeing around the world. (You can do quests for all three orphans if you wanted).

The Dranei orphan you are entrusted with in Shattrath City, Dorna, wants you to take her to go see Zaladormu in the Caverns of Time. When you go to Caverns of Time, you either take the portal from Dalaran. Or you get to Gadgetzan in Tanaris, and ride on over. I was in Theramore prior to this quest, so I decided to take the flight path in. Once at the Caverns of Time, well, cavern, you normally talk to the Stewad of Time (pictured below) who puts you on a Bronze Drake and you fly on down to the instances, paying no attention to the path.

This time, however, I decided for no particular reason, so just ride down on my newly acquired War Bear mount. On the way down I ran past an open door and an NPC standing inside, something I had never noticed before. I doubled back and found Alexston Chrome.

This fellow is the proud owner of a bar in the middle of the flight path called Tavern of Time. If you interact with him, he will even sell you booze like Bottle of Pinot Noir, Flask of Port and Skin of Dwarven Stout. It is little touches like these that make WoW a great game. I doubt 99% of the player population is even aware of Mr. Chrome. But he is there, manning his little corner of the world, waiting to be discovered!

Very cool Blizzard, very cool!

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