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“Tyrannis Bring Planetary Interaction” or “Bridging The Gap Between Eve Online and Dust 514”

May 9, 2010 1 comment

Head on over to Explicit|Gamer where I just put up a short-but-sweet preview for EVE Online‘s upcoming expansion Tyrannis. Tyrannisfinally allows players to interact with planets, setting up industrial structures directly on the surfaces of the game’s 60,000 unique planets, thereby setting the stage for DUST 514, their upcoming MMOFPS that is centered around ground combat on said planets.

The trailer is below. The post on X|G is right here. Enjoy!

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“APB Beta Keys” or “1,899 Keys Still Left!”

May 9, 2010 8 comments

EDIT (June 11, 2010): Those keys ran out months ago fellas. But you can find some more here.

Head on over to Eurogamer if you want your APB Beta key. Hurry! They are running out fast!

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