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“Scary Boosted” or “Bronte, Small Guy”

This is a humble shout-out to Scary Booster and his love post on yours truly.

He writes:

“He is not really a small time blogger like me, but even though he is more of a big dog, I really enjoy his writing. Now that he writes for a big time game site, I was worried he would stop posting on Are We New at This?, but it seems he is still writing just as hard there. I hope he keeps it up and look forward to more great writing.”

It is a humbling thought. I don’t consider myself a big-time blogger, I write because my love for writing and video games intersects. Sure I am an editor now over at Explicit|Gamer, but this blog will always be my baby. A forum that allows me to say whatever the hell I want, and when I want it. A place where journalistic neutrality doesn’t get in the way of honest criticism and much-needed venting. A place where I can write precisely the way I want to write, be it for one reader or one thousand. And no matter which other website I write for, you will always find me ranting here, this I promise!

At any rate, thanks Scary Booster, you’re too kind. I am really not that big of a deal!

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  1. May 14, 2010 at 5:53 am

    It’s one of the better blogs around.

    I think that the really popular ones are

    – very long-standing. Tobold has posted daily for about 7 years.

    – provocative. We Fly Spitfires is very good at asking disgenuous questions like “What’s wrong with buying gold” that attract a huge amount of interest. I think both you and I don’t really tailor our personal writing to the most popular topics, they’re covered enough already.

    – personal. Larisa always responds to each and every commenter, it’s rather charming.

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