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“Splinter Cell: Your Ad Here” or “God I Hate Cisco”

When I first heard of ads being placed inside Splinter Cell: Conviction, I thought: “How bad could it be?” Well the following two screenshots should paint a fairly reasonable picture.

First, we have Cisco, that company that manages to wiggle its way into just about anything these days. If it sounds familiar, perhaps that is because it has been featured in some forced manner in literally every season of 24 I can recall (I should probably get that corroborated).

This ad placement wasn’t as much of a distraction as the next thing. Here I am, walking down the streets of Washington D.C. which has been *spoiler* recently crippled by massive EMP blasts. People are screaming everywhere, loved ones are lost, chaos has gripped the capitol, and what is the first thing you see? A giant Phillips store! *sigh*!

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