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“DC Universe to Come Online” or “The Real Superhero Simulator?”

I don’t know what it is about superhero simulators, but I am inexorably drawn to them. I played City of Heroes when it first came out, actually grinding my way to the 3rd level50 character on the server. Then WoW came around and everything went south. A few years later, they released City of Villains, which was a delight in its own right, but again my time with it was short-lived, as WoW had sank its extensive claws deep into my gamer nerves, unrelenting, holding on for dear subscription.

Then came Champions Online, and for what it’s worth, it was an enjoyable joyride for a while. I had my fair share of grievances with the game, the lack of polish it exhibited and the lack of content that forced grind sessions. It still amazes me how modern MMOs can get that one most critical aspect wrong: not having enough content forcing players to grind mobs till they can tackle the higher-level zones/quests again. WoW got that right the first time and perhaps that is the single biggest reason they are so successful. That and the fact they continue to innovate and, you know, not suck.

Sony’s DCUO has been making the rounds of the MMO world lately, and has now been announced to be out later this year, in November to be exact. Part of me is hesitant, seeing as how the last three superhero simulators I invested in didn’t manage to keep my attention for any conceivable length of time. Yet, there is that inexplicable itch to try it out, see what its like, and hopefully find my dream superhero simulator.

I can dream I suppose!

  1. June 3, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    I’m thinking about picking it up on PS3 just to try an MMO out on console. I bet it will be a lot more fun as a console game than a PC game.

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