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“Female Worgens Are All The Rage” or “Cataclysm’s Best-Kept Secret”

June 7, 2010 2 comments

I don’t exactly recall how or why, but somewhere during all the madness surrounding the information being released about Cataclysm, any tidbits regarding the female worgen became the MMO equivalent of the latest Paris Hilton sex scandal. Everyone became suddenly obsessed with what female worgens look like, but no one could find a steamy clip anywhere on the internet.

The alleged best-kept secret in Cataclysm is finally out, and no one can explain what all the fuss was about, because they look exactly like you would expect them to look. Just a female version of the previously confirmed male worgens. Whuppity-doo.

What is with the obsession regarding information coming from the development came of our favorite MMOs? MMO players seem especially susceptible to over-hype anything that isn’t even marginally interesting. I would understand obsessing over racial bonuses, or the story, lore and background. But obsessing over what the female worgen will look like?

Some screenshots, shamelessly stolen from Master of Warcraft, are below, as well as a YouTube video embedded further down.

Look at ’em, and settle daan naaw!

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“Are We New At This?” or “Upcoming Changes”

June 7, 2010 3 comments

So earlier today I posted about some upcoming changes to the blog owing to my recent status as a technologically deprived (challenged) individual. After putting in some careful thought about what I would want to do and how much time I could realistically dedicate to which segments and on which dates, I have come up with the following:

Weekly ‘Long-Term’ Segments

  • Mondays – They Made a Funny: A weekly collection of webcomics that made me laugh out loud, and/or spit out <insert beverage here>.
  • Tuesdays – Article of the Week: This segment will cover a video game related article that I came across in a major publication and my thoughts on the piece. I feel like I come across multiple comment-worthy stories and editorials every week that just get buried somewhere in my Google Reader. So I am now dedcating Mondays to finding and commenting on
  • Thursdays – Se7en Tidbits: This segment will cover some of the interesting blog entries I came across during the week, through my blogroll. Continuing my obsession with the number seven, this segment will feature seven interesting statements from my fellow bloggers in the community.
  • Fridays – Boom! Headshot!: On Fridays I will post a list of news regarding my favorite shooters that I wasn’t able to otherwise comment on the week prior.
  • Saturdays – Weekly MMO/RPG Crock-Pot: This segment will be an amalgamation of news related to the MMO/RPG (that is MMO slash RPG, not MMORPG) industries, and provide a compilation of news that I wasn’t able to otherwise comment on over the course of the week.

Weekly ‘Short-Term’ Segments

  • Alternate Wednesdays – Chronicles of Bronte: I have already posted Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. It is essentially designed to be a trip down memory lane for myself and the dozens of individuals I have come across and interacted with in the six years (on and off – it’s a love-hate relationship) that I have played WoW. Every alternate Thursday, starting this week, I will post the next chapter in the (on-going) saga.
  • In-Character Accounts: Occasionally, I slip into a weird, almost larper state, and recount my experiences in a game as the actual character experiencing the world. Some examples include my experiences with Borderlands and Dragon Age: Origins. I suspect I will continue to do this in the future.

Random Segments

These segments will be posted without any discernible schedule as I come across quotes, statistics about the industry or other random information that is sufficient (mostly) in of itself and does not merit additional commentary of explanation.

  • Previews
  • Reviews
  • Statistics
  • Thought of the Day
  • They Said Whaaaat? (Quote of the Day)

Daily Posts

All of the above is independent of anything that I post on a daily basis. Any news or story I come across that I feel may be worth sharing or commenting on, I will put up here as the opportunity presents itself.

This plan goes into effect starting Tuesday, June 8th.

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“Computer Woes” or “Living in the Dark Ages”

June 7, 2010 3 comments

Not having my trusty laptop by my side has been more of a nuisance than I originally imagined. In fact, it has crippled my blogging frequency and ability. Couple that with the fact that the computer at work has all manner of restrictions on which content and websites you can access and which you cannot, and that my BlackBerry’s browser seems to have self-detonated, I truly feel like I am living in the dark ages.

I do have a fully functional machine at home, but then again, I almost always go home just to sleep. In the limited time that I do have at home, I try to get in some time with the family, most of whom are getting increasingly displeased with my 14-16 hour daily work routine.

So I am going to try and make a change. The first part of this change would be to have some semblance of regularity on this blog, specific days dedicated to certain topics, genres and segments. Up until now I have been posting haphazardly as I find the time or I come across something that am I compelled to pen some thoughts about. With no laptop, and therefore no open access to the internet, even that haphazard routine has been disrupted. I think the only way to deal with that is to dedicate specific days to specific content.

The second part of this change would be to regularly fill in the gaps. This means making time on the off-days to talk about the things that I normally talk about.

So stay tuned, I will be publishing a more detailed strategy later in the day today.

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