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“Female Worgens Are All The Rage” or “Cataclysm’s Best-Kept Secret”

I don’t exactly recall how or why, but somewhere during all the madness surrounding the information being released about Cataclysm, any tidbits regarding the female worgen became the MMO equivalent of the latest Paris Hilton sex scandal. Everyone became suddenly obsessed with what female worgens look like, but no one could find a steamy clip anywhere on the internet.

The alleged best-kept secret in Cataclysm is finally out, and no one can explain what all the fuss was about, because they look exactly like you would expect them to look. Just a female version of the previously confirmed male worgens. Whuppity-doo.

What is with the obsession regarding information coming from the development came of our favorite MMOs? MMO players seem especially susceptible to over-hype anything that isn’t even marginally interesting. I would understand obsessing over racial bonuses, or the story, lore and background. But obsessing over what the female worgen will look like?

Some screenshots, shamelessly stolen from Master of Warcraft, are below, as well as a YouTube video embedded further down.

Look at ’em, and settle daan naaw!

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  1. Milamber
    June 8, 2010 at 2:35 am

    Female worgen info came out a little over a week ago =P

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