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“Where to Watch E3 Live” or “Square Enix and EA’s E3 Line-ups”

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If you have been searching for the answer to the question, “Where can I watch E3 2010 live?”, you’re in luck!

You can watch practically everything at E3 from the comfort of your computer. The prior statement is of course subjective to how comfortable your computer set up is.

Here is a nice little post detailing all the places on the interwebz where you can stream E3 events live.

Additionally, these two posts detail all the games being showcased by:


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They said whaaat?: “The Hollywood Thought Process” or “Baraka is the New Wolverine!”

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Thoughts from commenter Paul_Is_Drunk at Kotaku regarding the Mortal Kombat short and how the director shot it in two days and edited himself in the hopes that he would get to helm the reboot:

Hollywood though process:

“I like it. People are talking about it, and seem to like it. Now, how can we change it so we can remove all the things the fans like about it, and make it sell to a wider audience?”

“Let’s make it PG-13.”

“Good start. But it needs more. People like Wolverine, right? And that Baraka guy looks like Wolverine. Let’s make him the good guy. I don’t want audiences getting confused.”

“Very good, sir.”

“Oh, and change his name. Sounds too much like President Barack Obama. Let’s make him that Jacks guy. He’ll be a police sergeant with Wolverine powers.”

“Alright, sir. Should we start production?”

“No… still needs something else… Shia Lebeouf is popular, right? Let’s see if we can’t get him to play a pluck reporter covering this stupid tournament, and have him end up as Jacks Wolverine’s side-kick.”

“You mean Jacks Briggs, sir?”

“Whatever, just get started. God, I’m an amazing producer.”

EDIT: The full trailer, nearly 8 minutes in length, is embedded below.

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Se7en Tidbits: “My Parents Were MMO Quest-Givers” or “Camping Cyclops”

June 10, 2010 2 comments

Here are a few tidbits that caught my attention for one reason or another this week:

  • “Sure, some of them turn out to be terribly disjointed aberrations of the original (Legolaz, Leggolas, and Legolastwo come to mind) but it just goes to show the persistence of some characters in geek lore.” Frank explores the dubious science of naming your toons in MMOs. [Side note Frank, I have even seen a ‘Legsolass’ (legs o lass).]
  • “I remember waiting on the Cyclops to spawn for the Jboots ring (in multiple spots) and while it was often an exercise in futility, there is still something about it that I enjoyed while doing it.” Keen talks about his inner masochist.
  • “This means that players can choose for themselves what to do with these points from what is offered, rather than implicitly pay for content that may not matter so much to them.” Sente counts the blessings an F2P model brings.
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