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“Failing At Fallen Earth” or “I Wish I Had A Bigger Post-Apocalyptic E-Peen”

June 17, 2010 4 comments

I am looking forward to Fallen Earth.

Yes I know this title is already out, and I have already given it a shot, swayed by Syp’s endless ranting of how incredibly the game world was. The post-apocalyptic setting is one that has always held a special place in my heart. This is why I have a natural interest in games like the iconic Fallout series, and movies like The Road or the Book of Eli (to name two recent examples).

The reason I stopped playing Fallen Earth after the initial 14-day trial period, in all honesty, was two-fold.

First, graphical glitches. My Fallen Earth game crashed all too often, especially in the tutorial part when you are learning the ropes and trying to get your beatings. There were texture issues, and polygons seemed to undergo nuclear fission and disperse across my screen in stringy patterns. I tried upgrading my video drivers, reading up on forums, but after a few days to trying to rectify the problem, I gave up.

Second, Fallen Earth was too tough for me. I used to be a very hardcore player back in the day, raiding 5-6 times a week, butting my head against C’Thun tentacles with 39 other comrades trying to overcome seemingly impossible odds. But I am no longer a college student with a bunch of free time on my hands. I work a job that I am truly passionate about, where I feel I make a real difference and that I actually enjoy. I am also in a serious relationship that has started its inevitable march towards matrimony. And I have a very active and involved social life.

Long story short, I don’t have nearly as much time as i did back in the day, which forces me to play casual. This is part of the reason why Fallen Earth didn’t appeal to me. The game does almost zero hand-holding. It is the wasteland, you are one of the few survivors, you either get with the program and learn the ropes as needed or you tumble over and wither away in the wind. I felt like Fallen Earth was too much of a time commitment to properly wrap my head around all the complex intricacies, and I simply did not feel like I could spare that time.

That being said, a lot of fellow bloggers have started writing about Fallen Earth recently. And the post-apocalyptic bug has reared its radiation-mutated head again. I am twitching to try out another trial and see if I can make some headway this time. Perhaps I will ask Werit or Syp or Fool’s Age for their help with it this time around.

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“30 Minutes A Day” or “Why I (Continue To) Play WoW”

June 17, 2010 2 comments

Why I Come Back to WoW

I got turned off by WoW:WotLK a while back. Part of the reason was because I just didn’t see the point. You busted your ass raiding, you got the top-end gear and in 3 months, a newer, easier instance came out and made all of the older gear utterly obsolete. It was an endless cycle to trying to replace your now-obsolete gear. After a while, I just couldn’t take it any more.

I came back to WoW for several reasons. The first and foremost being that I could find no MMO that I enjoyed as much as I had enjoyed WoW. Champions Online, despite a strong premise, suffered because of a lack of polish, and although Fallen Earth is touted as one of the best in the newcomer batch, I couldn’t really get into it because it was too unforgiving. I still play EVE Online off and on, but with an endless stream of war declarations on our corp and the inability for my alliance to adequately defend itself in hi-sec has rendered the game practically unplayable. Much like Tobold, I ended my EVE Online piloting days primarily because all I was doing was logging in and training my skills.

WoW in 30 Minutes

  • WoW is different. In a half hour, I can finish my fishing and cooking dailies, farm two frost badges, check my auctions and post news ones, and even participate in he tail end of a Wintergrasp struggle (although struggle here is a relative term since the Alliance holds WIntergrasp about 99.99% of the time on Eitrigg server.)
  • The next day, in the same half hour, I can kill Patchwerk for the weekly 5-frost badge farming, do 10 rated arena matches, and 5-cap the horde in Arathi basin.
  • The day after that, and again in the same half hour, I can farm some Oracles rep, respond to a PvP request from a friend who is soloing it out against three hunters in Wintergrasp, level up my coking 35 points, fish up enough Nettlefish to be prepared for our Thursday raid, repair, restock and park my main at the instance portal.

And I suppose for the casual player, therein lies the beauty. You do not need to commit yourself to hours upon hours of instancing, or farming, or PvP’ing. You can log in, blow off some steam, chat with some kids you have been playing WoW with for 5+ years, and log off to take care of other elements in your life.

I can’t really think of any other MMO I have tried that allows me to do that.

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Se7en Tidbits: “I Didn’t Like KOTOR Either” or “Blizzard Tucks Tail”

June 17, 2010 1 comment

Here are a few tidbits that caught my attention for one reason or another this week:

  • “Why would I pay – whether a subscription or a one-time access fee – for additional content that will pose no challenge to me because I have already outleveled it?” A biologist’s explains why the F2P model for LotRO has not been sold well to the player base.
  • “I was the one person I know who didn’t like KOTOR when it came out. I played it, because it was an Important Game at the time, but I didn’t think much of it. I played Star Wars Galaxies too, because I try almost every MMO that comes out (well, I did back when only a few came out every year…I guess these days I can no longer claim to try them all).” Pete is a man after my own heart. I didn’t like KOTOR when it first game out either (you’re not the only one!), and up until 3 years ago, i tried out about every MMO that came out. Not any more.
  • “Man I watched this trailer, and it was better then Viagra. The hate was delicious.” River has a tent in his pants.
  • “I don’t have hard numbers to prove it besides a lot of circumstantial evidence, the latest of wich is the announcement that they will be cutting a lot of the new features of the Cataclysm expansion. When you’re in a hurry, the new features are usually the first ones on the cutting floor.” Lonomonkey argues Blizzard is compromising content for strict timelines.
  • “A system that implemented this isn’t that hard to conceptualize (at least theoretically, real code always makes easy ideas hard). Right now, raid instances have an existence in the world. My character is tied to this specific raid instance, which exists even when my character is not online. And this has consequences. In the worst case, the raid id can be “stolen”, and the remainder of the raid completed by another group, leaving most of the people in first group out in the cold.” Rohan explores a comment on his blog about how Blizzard’s Real ID system will lead to a Raid Finder feature in Cataclysm.
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