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“More Trine is Always Good” or “Best News I Have Had All Day”

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Two platformers last year blew me out of the water.

The first was Braid, a quirky adventure that made me question and reevaluate the most important things in my life and why they mattered to me. This isn’t just a random comment, Braid is in incredible experience, and one that cannot be described in words, regardless of how crafty a wordsmith I can be. If you haven’t played it yet, you should, because it is one of the greatest entertainment experiences you will ever have.

I am digressing. As usual.

The second game was Trine, an action-adventure side-scroller that gave you a leveling system vaguely reminiscent of an RPG, three highly varied and versatile playing characters, and an incredible world to explore through and the challenges contained within to overcome. I am not sure how on earth I missed this one, but following last week’s announcement of Trine 2 in development, they also released a full-blown trailer this week. It looks like a lot of the platforming and puzzle-solving will make a return, with, what seems like (say it is so!) co-op multiplayer, which would be like icing on the best cake you have ever had. And in this case, the cake isn’t a lie.

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“4 Left Alive” or “The Movie Poster That Could”

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Via Kotaku, I thought this poster by Alex Griendling was sheer brilliance. Click it to get the full-size version.

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BOOM! Headshot: “Crysis 2 Beta” or “Space, Soldiers and The Mafia”

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Here is a hodgepodge of information I came across this week regarding some of the shooters I am most interested in.

All that is cover is as follows; you can find additional details on each bullet point below:

  • Crysis 2 Beta Access
  • Star Wars: The Force Unlesahed II Piles On the Pretty
  • Mafia II ‘Made Man’ Trailer
  • Dead Space 2 Trailers are Disgusting
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Remix Trailer Capitalizes on Eminem
  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Screenshots Are Nothing New To Look At
  • I Am Alive Trailer Attempts To Defy Irony, Fails Miserably

Crysis 2 Beta Access

Go here. Hurry.

Nomad fighting his way to the Crysis 2 beta! I know that's a lame joke. It's late. Leave me alone.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Gameplay Footage

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t frothing at the mouth after watching last week’s trailer for Star Wars: The Force Unlea – OK, that is too long a title, we will call it SW: TFU2 from now on. There was a also a very small (think: gameplay trailer equivalent of ‘The Truth’ video segments in Assassin’s Creed 2) gameplay video that shows what the final product may look like. In 33 seconds, you see the protagonist rip through the battalions of Storm Troopers with all the skill and grace we have come to expect from him in the first game.

And that may precisely be the problem with the second game, it feels too much like the first game, except with slightly improved graphics. For die hard fans looking for additional avenues to explore Skarkiller’s journey and be an all-round bad-ass, this may be the perfect setup. For a lot of others, we may see a similar backlash when Left 4 Dead 2 was revealed.

Several screenshots also accompanied the gameplay trailer, and they can be viewed below. I particularly like the giant spider bot, one of which Starkiller ripped apart in the spectacular trailer.

Mafia II ‘Made Man’ Trailer

Meet Vito Scaletta. Sicilian. Soldier. War hero. Family Man. This is a story about his fall from grace, and his rise to power in the Empire Bar crime syndicate. I think I am one of very few people who played the original Mafia from start to finish, completed the game, and craved more. That was 2002. Eight long years later, I will be awarded my wish.

Dead Space 2 Trailers are Disgusting

Fair warning: the first of the two trailers below is fairly average, showing Isaac Clarke battling it out against multiple necromorphed antagonists in. But the second trailer got to me. It is gut-wrenching, vile and downright disgusting. Watch at your own risk.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Remix Trailer Capitalizes on Eminem

When they released the launch trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Eminem’s ‘Till I Collapse’ shot up to the most sold song on the iTunes store, despite being, well, ancient. It seems Activision is going to milk this formula for all that it has got. They took the last trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Eminem’s ‘Won’t Back Down’, put them in a blender and the result is this trailer below:

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Screenshots Are Nothing New To Look At

The new screenshots released by Ubisoft aren’t anything special if you have already seen the gameplay footage for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier from E3 2010. If you have, skip to the I Am Alive trailer at the end. If you have no, they maybe worth a look.

The game looks great, although some might call the cloaking technology a direct rip-off from Crysis. Not that Crysis nanotechnology was a revolutionary novel concept, but GRFS features futuristic soldiers equipped with advanced gardware and armaments, including the ability to effectively turn invisible to the naked eye. Nomad is probably suing Ghost recon as we speak.

I am anxious to see how the game plays out overall.The new tactical display which identifies the tangos on-screen looks slick, as well as the holographic overlay which displays important information about your target, in a seemingly intelligent manner. Couple that with the ability to turn invisible at will, and you have the makings of a true Ghost Recon sequel. I do wonder, however, if the aforementioned perks will make the game too easy. But if the gameplay from E3 2010 is any indication, if you get into the thick of things, invisibility or no invisibility, you bleed just like everyone else.

I guess we’ll wait and see!

I Am Alive Trailer Attempts To Defy Irony, Fails Miserably

I Am Alive trailer proved that I Am Alive is, in fact, alive. *facepalm*

“Fallen Earth – Rising Fate” or “Altern8 Keys”

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As if fate itself read my post from yesterday, I came across a press release from Altern8 claiming they had 50 product keys with 50 days of playtime for 50 individuals. You register for their website here, answer a question here (hint: it’s a post-apocalyptic MMORPG), and you are entered in the contest.

Hopefully I will be one of the lucky few, and then join in with the rest of the blogging community in toughing out the post-nuclear American wastelands.

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“Run This Raid” or “99 Problems But a Glitch Ain’t One”

June 18, 2010 9 comments consistently manages to produce content that is not only funny, it’s also well thought out and a satirical reflection of, in this case, the raiding gaming culture. One thing is for damn sure: a bunch of people on the CollegeHumor staff are seriously addicted to World of Warcraft!

The lyrics are beneath the video if you are interested. Enjoy!

Friday night is finally here
Friends are out but I don’t care
I’m not addicted to this game
Just one more quest, I swear
Checking server status now
I’m gonna freak if Blackrock’s down
Phone’s unplugged but chat’s online
Now who’s gonna run this raid tonight…
Who’s gonna run this raid tonight…
Gotta find some n00bs to pwn

We Horde
Yeah I said it
We Horde
The Warsong Nation
Fightin’ outta Ogrimmar
Lootin’ of a corpse, y’all
Top tier everything
Tier nine, soon ten
Top tier everything
Ya’ll chat in Barrens
Only play Paladins
I’d have more respect
If you weren’t always griefin’ us
Guild is my familia, playing since beta
So for now gonna head out to Darnassus
There’s a couple night elf chicks that we’d like to mana tap
We resist your debuffs, while ours are always stacked
We all crit for 6 comma, 3 zeros, dot zero zero.
Back to runnin’ circles round dwarves
While we stun em’
Level up

Real life is lame, it’s not fair
I’d rather chill at Darkmoon Faire”
In Azeroth I’m finally free
Just for one small monthly fee
No more escort quests tonight
Work sucked hard, I need to fight
Red Bull in hand I log online
Now whose gon’ run this raid tonight?

Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay
Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay
We’re gon’ run this raid tonight

Girl, I like your avatar, wanna cyber or take it slow, yo?
Unless you’re gaming cross genders, no homo
Come ride a real epic mount, no Kodos
Next time I charge in, you’ll see real aggro
Kill your boss orc, who cares he earned “Warlord”
This our life, we all game hardcore
You think we need to achieve more?
What you PvP for? Honor f@#kin’ rewards?
But you know I’m done level grinding
Killing creeps and mobs, that ain’t nothing
I came to fight a real war, not go hunting
Only gear you got is gear from gold farming
While you’re out spending all day in the real sun
I’m in-game, what, having real fun
Shift function, I’ll target you, son
Holy Light so bright you wish you had one
You like a n00b who don’t know how to auto-run
Hit my level cap you haven’t even begun
You sleepin’, AFK? Come on, pay attention!
This is Warcraft, not a Neopets session!
What’s that, Mom? Can’t talk, for real.
Great, look- Help! I need a full heal!
I’m laggin’ fighting this fag and he’s got dual wield
Killed him but his goblin bud
Just ran in for the kill-steal

Fuck this
I’m gon’ find some porn online

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