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“More Trine is Always Good” or “Best News I Have Had All Day”

Two platformers last year blew me out of the water.

The first was Braid, a quirky adventure that made me question and reevaluate the most important things in my life and why they mattered to me. This isn’t just a random comment, Braid is in incredible experience, and one that cannot be described in words, regardless of how crafty a wordsmith I can be. If you haven’t played it yet, you should, because it is one of the greatest entertainment experiences you will ever have.

I am digressing. As usual.

The second game was Trine, an action-adventure side-scroller that gave you a leveling system vaguely reminiscent of an RPG, three highly varied and versatile playing characters, and an incredible world to explore through and the challenges contained within to overcome. I am not sure how on earth I missed this one, but following last week’s announcement of Trine 2 in development, they also released a full-blown trailer this week. It looks like a lot of the platforming and puzzle-solving will make a return, with, what seems like (say it is so!) co-op multiplayer, which would be like icing on the best cake you have ever had. And in this case, the cake isn’t a lie.

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