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“Battlestar Disappointica Online” or “Ronald Moore Touches Everything”

I was really excited when I heard about a BSG MMO. It is my favorite Sci-Fi (or should I say Sy-Fy) show, second to none, except for, maybe, select episodes of Firefly. Then I found out it was browser-based, and I had nightmares of milking cows aboard the Botanical Cruiser, and running my own farm to keep my colony alive, and I freaked out.

E3 saw the trailer (embedded below) made me flash back to Ron’s re-imagined version of this great saga. It also irritated me. Surely a browser game couldn’t possibly look like that, so the trailer, to me, was misdirection, a clever marketing ploy to detract from the fact that I couldn’t experience my favorite science fiction universe in textured three-dimensional polygons.

And then, of course, came the preview from Xav de Matos at Joystiq. The game takes place during the second season of BSG, and instead of altering any of the plot-lines, it provides additional branches, what can be labeled side-content, to the main story arc. Additionally, most of the game will take place via space combat, and although players may be able to interact with each other’s personal avatars, out-of-ship interaction is fairly limited.

This element, in of itself, was a major turn-off for me.

BSG was a great action series, but what made it stand out from the crowd was not the pulse-pounding space dogfights or the artistic choreography of the visceral firefights; what made BSG special was the combat and the political drama and the inter-personal relationships. I’ll keep my eye on it, but the lack political drama and character relations is a huge let-down for me. The studio claims that they are working closely with Ronald Moore, and that may yet be the saving grace. But if I just wanted a space combat game, I’d rather check out Black Prophecy or Jumpgate Evolution.

Level cap will be 20. Ships and combat mechanics will be customizable. You can experience all content without paying a dime, or pay money to unlock cosmetic and combat upgrades immediately. The last part I especially appreciate

Sidenote, developer quote of the day:

“Ronald Moore touches everything.”


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