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“Two Books Reviews” or “Micro/Macro”

Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter [Gamer Melodico]

The first is by Kirk Hamilton over at Gamer Melodico (Italian for melodic), and it reviews the new book by self-claimed former intellectual and current video game addict, Tom Bissell. I first heard of Bissell via the same Guardian article that Hamilton quotes in this brief review of Bissell’s latest book. The book is called Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter. Hamilton says:

“There is a lonely separateness that accompanies creativity; the act of building art is often an isolating, consuming undertaking. I can certainly attest firsthand to the powerful role that video games can play in that process, and so too can Bissell. That he does so with such courageous precision inspires in me both relief and gratitude. And beyond that, it simply inspires.”

I bought this book in digital format an hour after reading Hamilton’s post.

The Guild Leader’s Handbook: Strategies and Guidance from a Battle-Scarred MMO Veteran [Too Many Annas]

The second book is one that was released in April, and I already wrote about it sometime back. The book, The Guild Leader’s Handbook: Strategies and Guidance from a Battle-Scarred MMO Veteran, is penned by Scott F. Andrews, one of the authors at the ever-popular WoW.com. The book, which may also be in line for longest-title-ever category was reviewed by one of the many Annas over at Too many Annas.

“The Guild Leader’s Handbook is a solid introduction to guild leading and a good resource for anyone (RP or not) wanting to run a guild. A new guild leader, of whatever type, would do well to read The Guild Leader’s Handbook, and could glean a lot of information from it, hopefully avoiding some of the pitfalls of new guilds. While long-term guild leaders may already have picked up on some of the information, Andrews’ breakdowns, charts, and easy to read examples still provide useful “extra experience”, and having everything in one, easy-to-reference guide is quite helpful.”

I will never buy this book. I have great respect for Andrew’s writing, and I thoroughly enjoy his posts, but given my three years experience as a hardcore, dedicated guild leader, commanding over 300 troops, is all the experience I need. I won’t be doing it again, and as such, I have no need for Andrew’s pearls of Wisdom, useful as they may be to others.

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