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Quote of the Day: “Overcompansating Overlords” or “Unfortunately Unique”

Activision Blizzard’s Thomas Tippl on VentureBeat:

“The Infinity Ward situation was unique and unfortunate. We have been in this business 20 years. Seventeen game studios have joined us. We have never been in a situation like that. I don’t think we will be in a situation like that again because it was unique. We have great development talent. Two-thirds of the team is still there. We are complementing that with very aggressive recruiting and supplementing them with some of the very best resources we have in the company. We have made major investments in talent. We have launched the Sledgehammer studio with a very capable development team. We have added headcount. Treyarch is focused fully against Call of Duty. We have made big investment everywhere.”

He added:

“We are recruiting ninjas. We will also invest in pirates. We will have ninjas fight the pirates. Efforts are underway to resurrect Michael Jackson. Because everyone loves Michael Jackson. We have also invested in singing and dancing classes for our employees. We are working on improving employee morale by keeping douchebaggery to a minimum. We are also going to have picnics. Yes. Big picnics. Hundred of people. We will have Cirque du Soleil. Microsoft did it, it must be cool. We will also buy out Starbucks and give free coffee to our employees. Just please, please, stop asking us about Infinity Ward!”

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  1. June 26, 2010 at 12:19 am

    lol “keeping douchebaggery to a minimum”
    he seriously said that? 😉

    • June 27, 2010 at 6:22 pm

      Marketing lingo. I don’t think he actually meant it! 😀

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