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“Privates Deathspank Spare Parts” or “Three Cute New Games”

June 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Over the last week I have come across some really cool new games that I have added to my list of titles that I keep track of.


The first of these is Deathspank, which can be categorized as “Diablo with a loony sense of humor”. The latest adventure from Ron Gilbert, the creator of the of the ever-memorable Monkey Island series, Deathspank centers around the titular hero and his hunt for The Artifact. Doesn’t sound terribly original for a hack-n-slash RPG, until you read Kotaku’s preview here, and realize that part of the hunt for The Artifact involves you finding, of all things, the ingredients for the Spicy Taco. Developer Hothead promises thousands of items to loot incvluding weapons, armor and accessories, all of which will stand out from the standard fanfare because of Deathspank’s ‘special’ brand of humor.

Screenshots are trailer below. The game is due for release on July 14, 2010.


Privates is a doubleĀ  entendre. The first is obvious if you just see a single screenshot of tiny Marines running and gunning through a 2D-side-scroller universe. The hidden meaning has more to do with the human body. You see, Privates is a game about marine privates invading the private parts of the human body.

I don’t really have much else to say on the subject except that it sounds hysterical and an absolute riot, if a little gross and wildly inappropriate. And honestly, I am all for wildly inappropriate.

Spare Parts

Finally, we have spare parts, a platformer involving two robot buddies Mar-T and Chip. the trailer features some whimsical pre-rendered CGI moments, and some actual gameplay footage that features some inventive co-op platforming and robot genocide.