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“My First WoW Memory” or “Trouble in Brambleblade Ravine”

WoW.com’s breakfast topic was about the first WoW memory you have. Technically it should be my Undead Rogue that I played around with a little in beta, back in June 2004 (that was six years ago… man time flies). Instead it is a simultaneously frustrating and awe-inspiring moment from the launch of the game itself.

My first character in retail WoW was a Tauren Hunter named Xanthus. I got the game from a Target store on launch date, installed, patched and loaded in. The first thing I saw was the lush beauty of Mulgore, specifically the area around Red Cloud Mesa, the starting locations for Taurens.

The second was the directionless stampeding herd of cows.

The area was absolutely flooded with Taurens of all colors, classes and dispositions. It was a madhouse. But I didn’t realize the level of madness (refrain from Sparta jokes) until I entered Brambleblade Ravine for a quest at level 4. I couldn’t find any mobs to kill. The surface of Brambleblade Ravine was so jam-packed with starting Tauren players that they were camping spawn points of individual mobs to try and complete their quests. It was a frustrating moment till someone suggested we group up, and then five of us grouped up since we had shared objectives and we didn’t need to fight for resources any longer.

At the same time it was dumbfounding, because in those early moments, on November 23rd, 2004, sitting in my dorm room, I got a glimpse of the future of MMO gaming: truly Massive, truly Multiplayer, and truly Online.

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