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“Further Proof that GS is Overrated” or “The Most Fun I’ve Had In a 5-Man Recently”

July 1, 2010 6 comments

Initially I didn’t want to make this post. Then I saw the following in trade chat, and I was compelled:

“5.8GS LFG for lightening quick 5-man, min 5.6GS, PST!”

Regardless of my other activities in WoW, I manage to run at least one random dungeon a day for those precious, precious Frost Badges. Except for the last week-and-a-half. The last 10 days or so I have been running Ahune because he takes all of two minutes and gives me the same two badges with much less work.

I digress.

Prior to the Midsummer Fire Festival, the Gods of Random Chance dealt me my cards, and I was teleported to the Halls of Stone with the group pictured on the right. The average GS was 3521 (rounded up and not counting my personal PvE GS of about 5,200). That is fairly low, especially for an event like the Tribunal of Ancients. Even the tank was a complete greenhorn, admitting early on that he had the fundamentals of tanking down, but this was one of his first instances as a druid tank.

Most would cringe by this point. Surely a group so under-geared with an arguably novice tank is destined for wipes and all manner of lolfails. What followed instead, was one of the most challenging and fun instance runs I have had in a long time. It took us a good hour and a half to clear the place out, and at no point did feel that I could have done something better with my time.

It also reinforced the need for careful planning and meticulous pulls (in bold are all the things we have utterly forgotten to do in 5-mans):

  • We waited for patrols, pulling lone packs one at a time
  • We CC’ed the Dark Rune Theurgist to ensure party survivability while we slowly whittled away at the suddenly and inexplicably robust health bars of trash mobs
  • We used single-targeting damage, and refrained from AoE
  • We use LoS mechanisms to pull mobs around bends to be tanked in relative safety of previously cleared areas
  • We used traps to slow down Unrelenting Constructs so we had enough time to kill his friend before he got to us and wrecked havoc
  • Hell, I even had to, wait for it, drink once or twice to recover from a particularly long and arduous fight

There was an unsaid level of camaraderie and teamwork that worked to our advantage, and instead of being disheartened at the abysmally under-geared group, we took the challenge head-on and went about cleaning house. In addition, everyone was lighthearted, didn’t take the whole thing too seriously, and there was playful banter that kept things alive.

To give you an idea of what kind of group I was running with, when we killed the Maiden of Grief, my DBM announced:

“Maiden of Grief down after 2 minutes and 19 seconds. Your last kill took 54 seconds, and your fastest kill took 39 seconds.”

By the time we ended, we had had zero wipes, two deaths in all, and one of the most enjoyable Wrath 5-mans I had ever had the pleasure of running. And we did it all with a GS-deficient group that only had good players, teamwork and positive spirit going for it. So if you are a GS-aficionado, the next time you decide to announce a 5.6GS requirement for a “lightening quick” 5-man, I hope you are reminded of this post and you die a little inside. You jackass.