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“Activision Publishing’s CEO is Delirious” or “Call of Duty = Star Wars?”

July 23, 2010 1 comment

“The Call of Duty franchise is a force of nature. I think it is the closest thing this generation has to a Star Wars. I think it’s unique and bigger than any musical act or any movie franchise in that capacity.”

– Activision Publishing’s CEO Eric Hirshberg

I’m sorry, but this guy has obviously lost it. Comparing a video game, as much as we all, myself include, love them, to a phenomenon as grand and time-tested as Star Wars is not only cocky, it’s downright stupid. Thirty plus years later, we are still discussing, watching, and reveling in the glory of all that is Star Wars. If in 20 years from now we are raving about CoD in the same manner, perhaps then you would have some solid ground on which to stand and stake your claim.

Ask yourself, in all the time you have played CoD, is there a singular moment that can compare, let alone stand toe-to-toe, than when Princess Leia stumbles into Jabba’s lair in a gold bikini? I didn’t think so!

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