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“Bringing Civilization to Azeroth” or “Bringing Azeroth to Civilization”

November 6, 2010 2 comments

Via, I came across this pretty cool depiction of ‘vanilla wow’ Azeroth. Forum-goer Maze over at Civilization Fanatics has created a map for the ever-popular turn-based strategy game of the hexagonal movement persuasion. The detail is quite amazing, especially if you consider what a limited amount of textures and options he had to work with. But the result is staggeringly impressive, with detail oozing from every re-created zone.

Even more impressive is that Maze has created two versions of this map, a smaller one and a larger one, depending on how fat you wish for your game to end. Check out the gallery below for some images of his creation.

“Holy Crap the New Beyond Black Mesa Trailer is Here” or “Just Watch the Damn Thing!”

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