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MMO Crock-Pot: “$335,000 is a Small Price to Pay” or “‘Who You Gonna Call?’ ‘Authenticators!'”

November 10, 2010 1 comment

The MMO World is abuzz with a whole bunch of news.

Entropia Universe: $335,000 Sale of Virtual Items

Via Kotaku. It seems that every time this niche MMO makes the news, some rich guy has bought (or sold) hundreds of millions of dollars worth of virtual property. Jon Jacobs, the same guy who made headlines last year by purchasing a virtual space station for $300,000, has now broken that record by making a sale of his own.

Another player, John Foma Kalun, purchased $335,000 worth of cirtual property from Jon Jacobs in a single transaction. The virtual estate includes a mall, a stadium, a club and a number of bio domes.

World of Warcraft: Race Change on Launch Date

World of Warcraft will allow people to change races to Worgen or Goblins pretty much on launch date, which is kind of crazy. That means that the server-first worgen and goblin dings would not take a few weeks as players plod through the lower level content, it could very well be the first level 85 ding!

World of Warcraft: Dial Authenticator

Only available to U.S. accounts for now (shocking really!), you can now dial a toll-free number to authenticate your account in addition to the mobile phone authenticator, and the physical authenticator.

“Who you gonna call?!”


Sorry about that.

TERA: Screenshots and Info

TERA is an upcoming fantasy MMO from En Masse Entertainment is shaping up to be quite the visual experience. Doling out small portions of information with painstakingly methodical patience and deliberation, En Masse has revealed the achievement system in the game, as well shed some additional light on a race (the dragon-descended Amani) and a class (Lancer, not by Mitsubishi). You can read more here, or ogle at the screenshots below.

Lord of the Rings Online: Tradeskill revamp

The latest dev diary explains the upcoming changes, especially to the UI and efficiency of the tradeskill window. The Farmer profession has also undergone some considerable changes and tweaks to enhance gameplay, such as common seed ingredients for certain Expert Farmer recipies. Some other minor changes have also been made to most other professions. You can read the full list of changes in the 3-page dev diary right here.

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