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Se7en Reasons to Try World of Tanks Beta: “You, Sir, Are a Freaking Tank” or “Lots of MMO, Little Bit of RPG-FPS-RTS-Simulator”

First of all, I haven’t played the beta yet, so don’t be confused if anything I say makes it seem like I have had a lot of experience with the game. Second, if you are itching to try out a new title, especially one with such an interesting spin on your run-of-the-mill Orc/Human/Space Marine MMOs, perhaps World of Tanks is for you. More importantly, you can try out the game in it’s closed beta stage for free right now. Go here at the official website, and just enter your email address. I got my beta invite within an hour, maybe you will get equally lucky.

The beta is downloading right now, although I am getting abysmal (Hi Matthew!) download rates. As soon as I get in, I will put up a brief overview of what the game feels and plays like.

In the meantime, here is a short list of some of the reasons you should try out World of Tanks:

One: It’s free (for now!)

The game is in closed beta. That means the developers are testing out the game with literally hundreds of thousands of players online and you can be one of the fortunate few to get in on the action and see if the title is eventually worth investing into. You can register for a closed beta invite here.

Two: You sir, are a tank!

Your avatar isn’t an axe-wielding orc, or a dime-a-dozen human, or some fancy spacecraft for mining and other boring activities. You, sir, are a tank! 20 tons of iron and steel topped with a bigass gun. Rock on!

Actually, technically you are five tanks, because you can store that many in your hanger! And that is just to start off with. You can eventually purchase more hangers for your own fleet of tanks!

Three: And there are a lot of you!

World of Tanks offers over 150 different types of tanks to choose from, broken into four categories:

  • There is the light tank, capable of quickly out-flanking the opponents, and excellent for reconaissance
  • Then you can pilot the all-purpose, weather-resistant (I think) medium tanks
  • Not to mention the heavy tanks that you can use to carve up your opponents
  • And finally we have the sniper division with the long-range howitzer tanks

Four: MMO-RPG-RTS-FPS-Simulator

While this may sound suspiciously like marketing lingo, the developers of World of Tanks, to their credit, don’t necessarily restrict themselves to a specific genre or category of video games.

  • The simulator part is self-evident.
  • The tank itself isn’t just a giant heap of metal on wheels, it can be upgraded, improved and refitted to serve the situation at hand.
  • The core of the game is essentially hardcore tank-on-tank action.
  • And finally, unless you use clever strategy to out-think your enemy, brute force will almost never get you the upper hand.

I’m sold!

Five: Massive, Multiplayer, Online!

This part is a little exaggerated. While you can theoretically play with hundreds of thousands of players in the game, a single skirmish will only feature up to 60 tanks on varied battlefields at the same time. Then again, if you think about it, the most popular MMO in the world has 40 as it’s largest raid size. So 60 doesn’t sound so bad. Not to mention the fact that you are a freaking tank. Imagine how big you are (your tank avatar that is, you perv). Now multiply that by 60. There you go!

Six: Quick, Furious Combat!

Call me impatient, but part of the reason I get burnt out on WoW was because every large event takes too long to get into and get out of. An average raid lasts 2-4 hours. A PvP session (arenas excluded) takes 30 minutes to an hour. Enter World of Tanks. Your average battles range from 5-15 minutes tops. If at the end of 15 minutes tanks from both sides are present on the battle field and neither side’s base has been demolished, the game will be a tie, but it won’t trudge on indefinitly.

Short version: You won’t have to hunt down the flag carrier forever!

Se7en: Plethora of Features

  • Your tanks have machine guns for infantry.
  • There is a camouflage system implemented in the game.
  • The game will automatically place you in equal teams to ensure no one side is overwhelmingly powerful, thus mixing tank drivers from different starter nations…
  • … but the game also supports nation-on-nation warfare.
  • Maps are, on average, 1 square kilometer a piece.
  • Buildings can be used as cover; you can perforate a wall and fire through it while simultaneously protecting your tank from enemy fire.
  • Tanks will have crews; crew skills will determine tank performance.
  • There is an in-game economy for tank parts and upgrades between players.

That was more like fourteen reasons right there. Still need convincing? Here is a detailed FAQ.

Blast away!

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  1. AmrHero
    November 21, 2010 at 4:08 am

    Well , that is a great post , convince my friend 🙂 , I do already play the game and it is incredibly fun , but I have 1 silly question , what do u mean with ” One: It’s free (for now!)” what does the For Now means , means it wont be free to play after it is released or do u mean that the Gold given each day and such stuff will be over?.

  2. Armandez
    November 22, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Some of the information seems a bit wrong here. I haven’t seen a battle with more than 30 people, so I don’t know where you got the number 60 figure. Machine Guns on your tanks are purely cosmetic…they don’t work :), nor are there even infantry in the game (not for Beta at least, FAQ says infantry will come but Devs have said not for a VERY long time). As far as I know the game doesn’t support nation versus nation warfare (you might be confusing this with the Clan system that is coming soon). As much as I want to “perforate” a wall and shoot through it, if the wall doesn’t have a hole to begin with then all you can do is completely and fully destroy it. Ingame economy for tank parts and what not, mmmm that doesn’t exist yet but I hope it will soon. Oh and the free part, WoT is going to be a Free2Play game. I don’t actually know if they will continue sending everyone 150 free gold per day, but otherwise you couldn’t convert EXP to Free EXP. As far as anyone knows there aren’t plans for the game to be a Subscription game.

  3. November 22, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    Thanks for the detailed comment and all the info you provided man.

    Every bit of information in this post is directly from the game’s official website. I am sure what is marketed on the website is quite different from what you actually see in-game. 🙂

    I mean “free for now” as in no subscription fees or micro-transactions for now.

  4. Dyre42
    November 23, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    “hardcore tank-on-tank action”

    But do they have the hottest teen tanks on the internet? :Þ

  5. AmrHero
    November 24, 2010 at 1:03 am

    Well Armandez is right, but about nation vs nation it i right , there will be historical fights ( i read that in some devs review to some website ), but will be restricted for some maps thats what i read anyway .

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