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“There is Some Fallout in My Inbox” or “Armageddon Rag is All the Rage”

November 23, 2010 2 comments

Fallout Online continues to trudge on, despite being setback by a plethora of legal troubles. The Armageddon Rag, Issue # 3, the MMO’s official Pip-Pad-based newsletter.

This one had three separate tales to sample, Walker Road, On the Beach an Murphy’s Law.

Walker Road

This short story was comprised of the ramblings of a seemingly loony ghoul to his son, recovered from a holodisk found in the wastes. The near-delirious clip advises the son to show the rest of humanity that the ghouls deserved to have a place in society as much as the next guy. What I love about the Armageddon Rag is that it weaves lore right into its announcements and makes it all seem, well, seamless.

“So curl your shadow inside itself. Show no trace.


You will know. You have the eyes to recognize.”


  • First announced playable race
  • Bonuses to trade and engineering skills
  • Enjoy fixing broken technology
  • High radiation resistance and slightly better than normal Intelligence
  • Racial Abilities: Complaint Department and Geiger Counted
  • Racial Traits: Radiant One and Tech Wizard

On The Beach

The second entry in the Armageddon Rag is an incomplete story about Scribe Miller and his mission to find a set of tunnels that lead to the Glow. He is on loan to the Guardian Brotherhood of Paladins, and his mission also entails building bridges with the estranged Brothers. During the course of the story, the squad descends on an island that may have a tunnel network leading to the Glow. Shortly after arrival, they come under fire by a few mutants. They send one Paladin under cover fire to a cave opening, only to be attacked by a giant insectoid creature.

Just as Jenkins reached the cave entrance, a creature boiled out, a nightmare painted with a rainbow brush. Multiple legs scuttled forward, the segmented body, as tall as Jenkins in his powered armor and easily twice as long, twisted through the opening as the creature closed on the Brother.

Jenkins raised the Ripper. But before the weapon could make contact there was a flash of color from the center of what might be considered the creature’s chest.

The Brothers re-group, a little baffled by what just attacked them after seeing both the mutants and the unknown monstrosities retreat. It is then that they notice that a whole section of the sea had turned blood red in color…

The story then remains to be continued. But once again, Interplay has effectively introduced another entry from their bestiary, without being too blatant about it. And to their credit, unlike a hollow description of the beast and its abilities, I am genuinely intrigued by what the thing is.

Murphy’s Law

I wonder if either of them had real names? They must have. Who’d be mean enough to name their kid like that? Hey, Mr. Dweller, can Vault come out and play? ‘Course, that would make you leave home. Motivation’s a wonderful thing. I know I’ve got mine.

Could be worse. How bad would it be to get “Chosen Two.” You’re number Two, sit down and try harder. And then someone named “Chosen Too” – spelled the other way – will come to town for a showdown. Two against Too, the incredibly confusing fight with only two people.

“Shouldn’t there be Four?”
“Nope, he’s down the street fightin’ Chosen For.”

This third and final entry in the Armageddon Rag is quite hilarious. It is the recounting of an individual, all too aware of the heroics of the legends of the Wastelands, such as Vault Dweller and Chosen One, coming to terms with devising his own path in the new frontier, trying to forge a heroic tale of his own. In essence, it is a spin on creating a new character, deciding on his attributes and name and look and feel and weapons and abilities and rolling out into the post-apocalyptic world.

You can read the Rag here, it is hilarious, well-thought out, and a good indication for things to come.

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