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“Good News of The Day” or “Star Wars: The New Quests”

After recent talk of Star Wars: The Old Republic being the biggest MMO failure, comment courtesy of a Bioware Mythic employee, it was a relieve to read Brianna’s hands-on experience with Star Wars: the Old Republic. The report is full of interesting tidbits and gameplay information. But there was one particular paragraph that stood out for me regarding the quest structure.

One particular quest really impressed me because I was able to change my decision midway through. A pair of Jedi Masters tasked me with determining whether or not their apprentices were involved in an illicit affair. When I confronted the Padawans, I decided to allow them to bribe me to keep my mouth shut about their romance. (I broke character, but I wanted to see what would happen.) The Masters didn’t seem to believe me, but they took me at my word. Later when I returned to collect my bribe (a rare lightsaber crystal), I got the option to refuse to accept it, which earned me the loving couple’s loyalty. I wish I’d had time to finish the area, because I’d love to see how that turns out (and whether I’d have gotten to use that crystal in my saber). Something tells me it doesn’t end happily, except for me as a player. Can you imagine how a quest like that would go in any other game? Click click click auto-complete click next quest. But in SWTOR, I was riveted.

Brianna Royce, Hands-on with SWTOR’s Jedi Knight on Tython, Massively.com

Given my own posts as of late, whew?

  1. December 16, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    i love that feature that they want to implement; no longer are you the good guy doing what people tell you, to the letter. You can betray others and make more choices 🙂

  2. Milamber
    December 18, 2010 at 7:07 am

    As long as they take their time, it could be a great game. But if they decide to rush it to get it out faster or because they run out of money, they are fucked. This game has to be top notch if it wants a chance to compete with WoW and not go the way of Aion and whatever else that has tried and failed miserably.

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