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“A Typical Blizzard Job Interview” or “Making WoW Ain’t Enough?”

“It’s our next gen MMO and we’ve only started talking about it in a limited fashion because we want to leverage the fact that we’re working on something like that for the purpose of recruiting –— getting some of the best talent in the industry on that.”

World of Warcraft executive producer Frank Pearce to Destructoid.

Uh what? How does a typical interview go over at Blizzard?

“You wanna come work for us?”

“What’s so special about you guys?”

“Uh, we made Wow?”


“Jeez, tough crowd. We also made a little game Starcraft, and its sequel!”


“What are you crazy? How about Diablo? We made all three. And their expansions!”

“So listen, I got somewhere I need to be…”

“We’re making a new MMO codenamed Titan!”

“Oh! Em! Gee! Pretty please hire me!!”

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  1. December 21, 2010 at 12:29 am

    It’s something that Eric at Elder Game has talked about a few times. In the industry there’s a very firm bias that developers prefer to be involved pre-release in projects rather than work on Live Teams.

    Frank Pearce is right, I’m sure, to emphasise that they do have something that is neither a sequel nor a Live Team job.

  2. December 21, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    Working pre-release seems a lot more risky, since most MMO’s seem to shed staff after it.

  3. December 21, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    @ Stabs, I can’t seem to find that article at Elder Game. Could you kindly point me in the right direction?

    @Werit and @Stabs, see that’s what I feel. There have been a plethora of MMOs released lately, and even the high-profile AAA titles like D&D and LOTRO could not keep up the subscription numbers. Everyday we see more and more MMOs launch and disappear into the maws of oblivion because of .

    In such a market, I think it would be a much better selling point to tout the fact that you have created the unchallenged behemoth in the MMO genre, a game that has dominated sales charts and player base numbers well above and beyond any other MMO ever released. Contrast that against Titan, an MMO we know next to nothing about, except for the fact that Blizzard is finally stepping out of their Warcraft-Starcraft-Diablo comfort zone with this one, which, naturally has an added risk element.

    I understand where you an Eric may be coming from, but I think the history and success of a game like WoW should be the biggest recruitment points for Blizzard, not something that has he element of risk attached to it, and hasn’t been released as a pre-existing (behemoth) IP.

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