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“2011: Week One” or “A Few Juxtapositions”

January 1, 2011 Leave a comment

2011 is upon us, said Captain Obvious. Since everyone in the blogging community offered up some form of year’s end posts as well as predictions for 2011, I thought I should jump the bandwagon now instead of never. Over the next six days, marking the first full week of 2011, you will find the following posts in addition to whatever else I will be posting on the blog:

  • Sunday, January 2 – Favorite Games of 2010
  • Monday, January 3 – Personal Reflections 2010
  • Tuesday, January 4 – Gaming Reflections 2010
  • Wednesday, January 5 – Looking Forward to in 2011
  • Thursday, January 6 – Predictions for 2011 – pt1
  • Friday, January 7 – Predictions for 2011 – pt1


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Quote of the Day: “2011 Sucks!” or “Melmoth Scores Yet Again!”

January 1, 2011 Leave a comment

The folks over at KiASA manage to consistently crack me up with something just about every week:

“2011 sucks already; it’s just like 2010 only with less content.

When are they going to release 2012?”

Melmoth, When MMO Players Review, Killed in a Smiling Accident

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