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“A Love Letter from Krothar” or “What Makes MMOs Special”

January 4, 2011 7 comments

A Love Letter from Krothar

It has been less than 3 hours since I posted my top seven games for 2010, listing WoW as one of them, and claiming how I had quit the game, but maybe something will provoke me to go back to it.

An hour after I put that up, I got the following mail from my friend Krothar (yes that is his toon’s name, who would name their kid ‘Krother’? Sheesh!), fellow dwarf paladin and one of the best damn paladin healers I have ever had the pleasure of playing with.

Some of the boys and I have been running 5 mans together… we talk about you often and make fun of you even more often. ┬áBut only because you miss your fatty dwarf.
Happy new year from the boys who remember the good old days.
– Krothar and the CoV vanilla crew.
P.S.: Milamber wants you to post this on your blog because he wants to be famous.

He also attached this (he’s the very gay-sounding “Krowe” in the screenshot below – hey what’s what the stupid name man?):
Click to enlarge, and read the chat.

What Makes MMOs Special

This is where the MMO genre shines. Where other genres are remembered by the gameplay experiences you had or what systems they had in place, or the awesome graphics, or the epic storylines, MMOs are defined, in addition to the above and more importantly, by their communities, the relationships you forge along the way, and the friends that you make. I have played with nearly everyone in the screenshot above for nearly five years, and no amount of high end graphics (hello Crysis), epic lore (hello Dragon Age), storyline (hello Mass Effect), quirky mechanics (hello Plants and Zombies), atmospheric design (hello Metro 2033) or stellar questing/mission structure (hello Starcraft II) can replace the feeling of going up against a tough battle with the same tried and tested crew that you know won’t fail.

And even if it will fail, it will still be a helluva lotta fun!

Goddamn it guys! Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!