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“Trifecta of Tribulations” or “Healers Ain’t Gods”

January 13, 2011 5 comments

“I think the novelty has worn off, and I’ve started encountering the usual array of wankers, pillocks, idiots and dickbags.”

Tamarind summarizes Cataclysm pugs, that’s the spirit, Righteous Orbs

Sounds about right.

My first pug was all polite and “Hey did you try out this new thing in Cataclysm?! It’s awesome!” and “Don’t worry, everyone is new at this!”

The second pug, a mere week later, first blamed the healer (that’d be me); I got pissed and broke out Recount which resulted in the tank being exposed as an oblivious baboon; who then called out the lackluster DPS, and said if the healer was good enough, nothing else matters; and ragequit after the next wipe.

Why did I come back to this?

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