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“Mass Effect’s Mass Information” or “And So Begins the Feeding Frenzy”

A plethora of new information seems to be out on Mass Effect 3, one of the year’s most anticipated titles that will wrap up the Shepard trilogy and open the doors for (keeping my fat fingers crossed) for a Mass Effect universe MMO. Game Informer had a couple of never-before-seen screenshots, and their latest issue details some of the changes in the third title below:

  • Shepard can kick some serious butt now, thanks to an all new Heavy Melee class that can kick and punch through the Geth, Cerberus goons or your mom.
  • This new-found physical dexterity has been extended to his physical abilities. he can now roll and jump small gaps. Yes. Shepard can jump. Wow.
  • There is a possibility of some zero-G space battles.
  • Some of the new locations include New York, London (both of these likely in ruins), the Salarian home planet, a Quarian moon and the red planet itself: Mars.
  • Cerberus now comes with more Vitamin C and ‘ninjas’. They out for Shepard’s blood, which isn’t exactly a shocker for some who made certain rational choices at the end of the second game. They are, however, well-armed, equipped and manned.
  • The combat is even faster. Something labelled ‘game rhythm’ is 10-15% faster.
  • Reapers’ sizes can vary from half a kilometer to two kilometers, such as The Sovereign from the first game.
  • The technology is improved considerably, which also allows for larger locations and more versatile and populated environments.
  • No vehicles return from previous games.
  • There is still a (new) scanning system in place (*sigh*).
  • RPG is being expanded further with deeper skill trees and multiple tiers for abilities that can ‘evolve’ with each iteration.
  • Apart from Shepard, Liara T’Soni, Kaidan Alenko/Ashley Williams (depending who you let die in the first game, you dick), Garrus, Wrex, Mordin, Legion and Anderson all return in some capacity.
  • “Mass Effect 3 starts as Shepard stands trial for his actions in recent ME2 DLC Arrival. Part-way through the hearing the Reapers invade earth. Mass Effect 3’s prologue involves Shepard escaping to the Normandy, before rocketing off to put the old team back together. He’ll fight Reaper-controlled husks of all species along the way.”
  • The Illusive Man returns, as do his cigarettes, and he is apparently a bigger asshole.

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