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“Osama’s Dead” or “End of a Terrifying Era”

Apologies in advance for this being off-topic and a tad too serious.

Osama has been killed. The event took place about 300 kilometers north-west of the city of Lahore, where I currently reside, in a town called Abbotabad, which is about 60 kilometers from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. Intelligence agencies had been tracking him for several months, and they received confirmation of his presence only recently. Osama was holed up in a massive, fortified complex with concrete walls that were up to 12-feet thick in places, surrounded by his loyal soldiers and some family members.

President Obama gave the orders in the early hours of Monday, May 2 (Sunday night in the U.S.) and an elite team of the U.S. military went in with four attack helicopters, killed Osama, his son, three other men and captured two of his wives, some of his children and up to four other suspects. His remains, AFP reports, were scattered in the sea so he could not be glorified by the extremists posthumously.

The conservatives in the country are lamenting the “loss”, citing dubious claims such as “but there was no trial for him” and “the U.S. has violated the sovereignty of Pakistan.” They don’t know that Pakistani military and civil agencies worked hand-in-hand with U.S. intelligence to identify, tag and target Osama in his hideout and that the operation was carried out with the full knowledge of the government.

The liberals are jubilant, and why shouldn’t we be? The fucker’s dead, and although his legacy will remain for time eternal, there has been retribution, however delayed, and with it comes an odd sense of vindication.

As gamers we have played a plethora of video games that put us in these situations. Our digital extensions clog through damp forests, sandy deserts, treacherous hillsides and porous mountains in the hunt for terrorist and extremist factions in a bid to rid the world of their nefarious plans. It really makes you stop and think that he was right under our noses, nestled comfortably in the confines of his cushy compound in a major’s city’s affluent neighborhood. The resulting firefight lasted a fraction of the 40 minutes that it took for the operation, start to finish, and by the end of it Osama was dead. Not in a spider hole in Khowst, Afghanistan. Not in the mountain region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. But right next to the heart of the country, practically in the capital’s backyard.

This story will continue to unfold over the next few days, but for the time being there is consolation in the fact that the bastard his dead. God damn him, and his stupid fucking beard. Amen.

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  1. May 2, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Americans may be more attacks by terrorist ,special who oversea .So Please pay more attention to safety

    • May 2, 2011 at 8:31 pm

      Not to mention the extremist factions in Pakistan working against the country. Since 2001, nearly 30,000 Pakistani civilians have been killed in terrorist related incidents. And there will be a backlash to this.

      Stay safe everyone.

  2. werner bock
    May 9, 2011 at 5:53 am

    How can we believe anything anymore, that comes from any official goverment channel, or from the mainstream media? It is high time, that we start evaluating the situation between most of the industrialized nations of the west, and to a lesser extent of the east, and the islamic nations. Lets look at the historical facts:
    How many times did the western contries got attacked by islamic nations, and how many times did islamic nations got attacked by other nations? Go even further: How many islamic people got maimed and killed by attacks from other nations, especially from the west, and not to be forgotten the communist neighbour to the North? This is very loopsided, much to the detriment of the islamic people, and it speaks very much for the peacefull nature of most of the islamic people, that there is not an all out war coming from the islamic contries. Unless the coalition of the warmongering idiots is reigned in by us, the people, peace will become more and more a distant dream. So for the sake of all of us humanity, dont feed and support the hounds of war anymore.
    As I see it
    werner bock

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