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“Ezio, Altair; Altair, Ezio” or “Assassin’s Creed Revelations is Full of Multigenerational Madness”

Well there you have it. Less than 48 hours after I put up a post predicting that Ezio and Altair will both be in the next game, that it will have something to do with Constantinople in the early-16th century and the story will jump in time a lot, we have the official announcement.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations will conclude the Ezio trilogy. A trilogy within a trilogy? You don’t say! I do say. And this latest venture takes Ezio to Constantinople (modern day Istanbul in Turkey) during the rise of the Ottoman Empire. You will get to play as Altair in the 12th century, Ezio in the 16th century and Desmond in modern times, bringing together the three heroes in the same title for the first time since the prolific franchise launched.

Nintendo Tim, a commenter on the reveal story over at Joystiq perfectly phrased my thoughts on what one cool aspect of intersecting timeslines may be:

Imagine that, as Desmond, you’re in a desolate, nearly destroyed building that houses an artifact (Codex page, perhaps?) that was placed there before Ezio’s time, but after Altaïr; you can’t make hide-nor-head of what goes where in the building. Ezio’s version of the puzzle has the building in near-perfect condition, but a runic puzzle to access the artifact has been vandalized, possibly by the Templars who couldn’t solve it. Go back as Altaïr, find the runes and make note of them, come back as Ezio, solve the puzzle, locate the artiact, add it to the collection, and Desmond has his information.

It’s like a dual-world idea without the terrible dark/light aspect, just “old” and “older” versions of the same place.

Aaaaaaaand goosebumps!

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