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“Bronte’s MineCraft Tips – Part I” or “Oh God, It Burns!”

June 15, 2011 1 comment

This article from Gameranx prompted me to compile a short list of my own tips for MineCraft, since I have been playing around in that sandbox for quite some time.

Fire Burns Wood, Duh

Yes, but what you may not realize is how fast it spreads. Wood and fire, together, bad idea. My worst night in MineCraft was a direct result of the above. Patch 1.6 fixes this problem to some extent, but even then, don’t place a perpetual lava pool or start a fire of any sort within several blocks of your nice wood abode.

Transparency is your Friend

One of the things I like doing when building my house is to install glass blocks in the middle of the ceiling and in the middle height block around the perimeter walls. This has two purposes. First, it provides natural lighting during the day hours. And it is easy to spot any dangers immediately outside your house at night time. Which brings me to torches.

Come on Baby, Light my Torch

That sounded dirty. Seriously though, place torches on the outer surfaces of the house, it illuminates the space immediately around your home, and allows you to see those damn creepers lurking about. The glass blocks above should help.

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