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“Melmoth Strikes Again” or “Level 45 Hunters are Nubs”

July 21, 2011 2 comments

Read this post.

Then read the following comment (incidentally also the first response to said post).

“Instance Control. Champion Heavy Six Zero. Requesting permission to dungeon run.”

“Roger Champion Heavy Six Zero. Please change your character level to six five and then proceed on instance two three.”

“Level six five, and instance two three. Thank you. Champion Heavy Six Zero”

“Champion Heavy Six Zero, be advised you have a Guardian and Minstrel ahead of you at a level of six five, please maintain separation and do not attempt to join their formation.”

“Roger. We have them in sight, will maintain separation. Champion Heavy Six Zero.”

“Instance Control. Hunter Medium Four Five. Requesting permission to join formation.”

“Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha Hunter Medium Four Five. Ah ha ha.”

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